We all have inner darkness, some have less while some have a plenty of it! But, let us all accept we all want to get rid of our inner darkness, right?

Who loves to stay in jealousy, sadness & overthinking?


Well let’s understand what Jainism suggests to get rid of our Inner Darkness?

Great Jain saint Amitagati once said that one cannot get rid of inner darkness of ignorance without the bright light of Swädhyäy.

Another great Jain saint Äsädhara recommended to have Swädhyäy schools where the monks are not available on a constant basis.

Swädhyäy is one of the most important aspect for all the schools of thought. In Jainism, it is considered as one of the daily necessities (one of six Ävashyakas).

Swädhyäy like Humility (Vinay), meditation, etc. is one of the internal Tapas (austerities) that purify our emotions and consciousness (soul).

Practicing Tapas  is considered  the most important process for purification of the consciousness (for shedding our Karmas). Fasting, restrain in eating, control of mind and senses, etc. are external Tapas that purify our body, mind and senses.

Therefore, Swädhyäy is one of the most important Tap for spiritual progress. Swädhyäy is one of the least painful and the most rewarding Tap. Swädhyäy is for all human beings regardless of their level of knowledge, spiritual progress, intelligence, grasping power or memory power. It is incomparable and indispensable.

It yields immediate rewards. One of the differences between human beings and animals is that human beings have the ability to do Swädhyäy and animals don’t.


MEANING of Swädhyäy :  Its simple meaning is self study. Swädhyäy word consists of two words; Sva and Adhyäya. Sva means self, and soul is the self. Adhyäya means study.


Therefore, Swädhyäy means self-study. Looking from the absolute point of view, the fruit of engaging in self-studying is self-realization.  To obtain the benefits of self-study, association with another self-realized soul, or following of his spiritual teachings, is necessary. Where possible, guidance of Guru (learned saint) should be obtained.


There are some obstacles in Swädhyäy ; such as Pride, anger, ignorance, unhealthy body and laziness are the five obstacles in the acquirement of knowledge (Vidya).


Are there some essentials for Swädhyäy ?

Yes, there are a few essentials like:

Determination, making self-improvement as a top priority, open mind, strong desire to know (learn), strong desire to practice after knowledge is acquired, finding time and firm faith in Tirthankara’s teachings can be considered essential elements to start Swädhyäy.

 As nutritious food is necessary to maintain a healthy body, Swädhyäy and meditation are necessary to keep our mind and emotions healthy.

How to do Swädhyäy?

 Swädhyäy is traditionally divided into five parts:

(1) Vächanä: Studying and explaining the sacred texts and their meanings;

(2) Pruchchhanä: Asking questions to clarify doubts

(3) Paravartana: Repeating the texts and their meaning.

(4) Anupreksha: Contemplating on the meaning of the sacred books;

(5) Dharmakatha: Listening and engaging in spiritual discussions, inquiries, teaching, etc.


Every day, one should find some time to carry out Swädhyäy or the study of the scriptures or religious matter. We must study, learn and reflect deeply upon those books which help us to be virtuous and elevate our life.

If it is not possible to do every day, one should try to do when he/she finds the spare time



  1. Acquires proper knowledge to become a true life-artist.
  2. Knows what is right & wrong
  3. Resolves doubts, removes blind faith and eradicates false views
  4. Removes himself/herself from wasteful activities
  5. Is convinced that the best things are not possible without the utmost efforts.
  6. Departs from wrong companies and gets involved with right people.
  7. Does not praise or fear wrong people.
  8. Learns the importance of practicing the knowledge
  9. Enhances concentration, intelligence and self-control.
  10. Improves results of meditation
  11. Realizes that body and soul are different substances
  12. Develops inner vision
  13. Begins to Develop forbearance (forgiveness), modesty (humility), straightforwardness (candor), contentment, truthfulness, self-restraint (control of senses and mind), etc.
  14. Commences the purification of conscious mind and shedding of Karma.


SUMMARY: Swädhyäy is one of the internal tapas that purify our conscious mind by shedding our Karmas. Swädhyäy is for getting rid of false views, acquiring right knowledge about what is right and what is wrong, understanding the art of living and getting inspiration to put it in practice.


When are you starting your Swädhyäy ?

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