We always come across news of various plane crashes, train accidents, sinking of ships,terror attacks & various such incidents which kill or injure hundreds & thousands of people who have no connection with each other within seconds!


But, how is this possible? Thousands of people get killed at the same time, same location, same situation & yet have, no connection with each other?

Let’s see the International Statistics on Top 10 Worst Natural Disasters:

From the above statistics, we can clearly see that thousands and lakhs of people have been killed within a fraction of seconds!

All those who died must have some connection, otherwise why all got together at the same place in the same situation? What was the binding force that connected all of them together? What is the Logic behind such a huge number of deaths taking place at the same time, at the same place & same situation?

When Science fails to answer, the most scientific & logical religion “Jainism” answers all our Questions!


Jainism believes in the theory of Karmas, it has a very simple logic

“What you sow, so shall you reap!”


Whatever actions we do (Good or Bad) makes our Soul Vibrate & it attracts the Karma Particles which stick to our soul & depending on the intensity with which the Karmas were bound, the ripping time & its results are decided.

So, If a person does some good action, he binds good karmas & he will get its benefits sooner or later. Similarly, if a person does some bad action, he binds bad karmas & he will get its results sooner or later!

But if all the results of Karmas are unique & individual soul based, how do lakhs of people die in same situations together?

It is because all of them had binded “Saamudanik Karma”

It’s a form of Karma, which gets bound when a group of people/living beings do some activities together, think something similar at the same time which causes everyone’s soul to vibrate similarly & attracting similar karmas!

Just for an example, you are watching a TV Serial at 8 PM at your Home.

Is it that you alone are watching it? No!

Thousands are watching the same serial at same Time!

Now, at around 8:10 PM, there is a fight scene, where the hero is beating the Villain, just imagine what thoughts all those thousands of people watching the show might be having at 8:10 PM?

Something Like: “Beat Him!”; “Kill Him!”


They all have bound Saamudanik Karmas!


Similar thoughts at the Same time by a group of people leads to binding of Saamudanik Karmas! Situations like a Cricket Match, Movie etc are places where Saamudanik Karmas in huge numbers are bound!

The Result of Saamudanik Karma also comes together which causes thousands of people to die /get injured together who have no connection with each other but the only connection they have is of Saamudanik Karma!

Saamudanik Karma also gets bound when some Good Work is done by a group of people & all have similar positive thoughts at the same time!

Just like when an NGO does some Good Deeds, where many volunteers come together to do a Good Deed which leads to binding of Good Saamudanik Karma whose results too come together!


Start binding Good Saamudanik Karmas!

Join your nearby Jain NGO Now!

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