Everything you need to know about the Jain Flag

Everything you need to know about the Jain Flag

We all have seen the Jain Flag many times in our lives, for those who haven’t seen it yet, it looks like this:

Jain Flag by Jain News Views
                                                  Jain Flag


Even though many have seen it, many do not know what is the meaning of this Flag?

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Let’s Begin Everything you need to know about the Jain Flag

As per the records, The flag of Jainism has first mentioned in Śvetāmbara scripture called the Kalpa-sūtra, dating 5th century BC!

The Meaning of the Flag can be described as follows:

As per the scripts we have been able to procure, the Jain Flag should be according to these parameters:

Everything you need to know about the Jain Flagb

Everything you need to know about the Jain Flag

The flag of Jainism has five colors: orange or red, yellow, white, green and black or dark blue. These five colors represent the Pancha-Parameṣṭhi (five supreme beings). It also represents the five main vows, small as well as great.

Colours :

These five colours represent the “Pancha-Parameṣṭhi” and the five vows, small as well as great.

  • White – represents the arihants, souls who have conquered all passions (anger, attachments, aversion) and have attained omniscience and eternal bliss through self-realization. It also denotes peace or ahimsa (nonviolence).
  • Red – represents the siddha, souls that have attained salvation and truth. It also denotes truthfulness (satya).
  • Yellow – represents the acharya the Masters of Adepts. The colour also stands for non-stealing (achaurya).
  • Green – represents the upadhyaya (adepts), those who teach scriptures to monks. It also signifies chastity (brahmacharya).
  • Dark blue or black – represents the sadhus and sadhvis or monks and nuns. It also signifies non-possession.


It is also believed that the complexion of all the 24 Tirthankaras was of one of these 5 colours. For instance, Tirthankar Chandraprabha and  Tirthankar Pushpadanta were white,  Tirthankar Munisuvrata and  Tirthankar Neminatha were blue or dark colour,  Tirthankar Padmaprabha and  Tirthankar Vasupujya were red,  Tirthankar Mallinatha and  Tirthankar Pārśva were green, while the remaining were golden or yellowish !

Swastika :

The swastika in the center of the flag represents the four states of existence of the soul. The four stages may be:

  • heaven-beings or deities
  • human beings
  • animal/birds/insects/plants
  • hell beings

It represents that the soul can embody any of these forms, owing to karma, which may escalate it to higher-level forms such as heavenly beings, or degrade it to lower-level forms such as lesser animals or hell beings.
The purpose of the soul is to liberate itself from these four stages and be arihants or Siddha eventually.

Three Dots :

The three dots above the swastika represent the Ratnatraya (three jewels) of Jainism:

  • Samyak Darshana – “Right Faith” or “Right Vision”
  • Samyak Gyana – “Right Knowledge”
  • Samyak Charita – “Right Conduct”

These are part of the Jainist paradigm by which jīva (living souls) seek to rid themselves of karma and the cycle of rebirth, saṃsāra, which it develops.

Siddhashila Chakra :

The curve above the three dots denotes Siddhashila, a place in the highest realms of Universe, composed of pure energy. It is above hell, earth, or heaven. It is the place where souls that have attained salvation, for instance, Arihants and Siddhas reside eternally with supreme bliss.

Respect for Jain Flag is respect for Pancha-Parameṣṭhi (Supreme Five). According to Jainism, respect for Pañca-Parameṣṭhi abiding the Ratnatraya (Three Jewels) destroys the sorrow of the four states of existence and finally guides one to the sweet home of infinite bliss (Siddhashila).

This is how the Jain Flag has been designed to describe the Major Jainism Principles in Brief.

Till we have the information. The International Jain Flag day is celebrated on 22nd March of every Year!

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