Krishna is the Next Tirthankar !

Krishna is the Next Tirthankar as per Jainism
Krishna is the Next Tirthankar as per Jainism

Krishna,the Natkhat Gopal is going to be the Next Tirthankar!

Jain texts say that every soul is capable of self-realization and can break away from the endless shackles of birth and death.

It is also believed that in a time cycle (of thousands of years),a new set of Tirthankaras is born.

“Each time cycle has two parts: one is called Utsarpini and is marked by increasing happiness,while the other is called Avasarpini marked by decreasing happiness.Further,each half is divided into six unequal time periods.In the descending period of Avasrpinini,the fourth period is marked by human beings looking for charismatic people to guide them towards happiness.

At this point,24 tirthankaras are born to rejuvenate the path to liberation,” says Shugan C Jain,director of the Delhi-headquartered International School for Jain Studies,which has an intensive summer programme on Jainism that draws students and scholars from across the world.

Tirthankaras are born as human beings who subsequently achieve enlightenment and show the world the right path.Their teachings form the Jain cannons.Mahavir is the last of the 24 reigning tirthankaras!

Lord Krishna too is revered as one of the next 24 Jain tirthankars.Pratima Kantilal Shah,a Jain scholar,says that Krishna was to go to the seventh hell,but was pardoned three hells when he performed the guru vandan (circumambulation of folded hands to pay respects) to 18,000 sadhus.In the Jain Ramayan called ‘Trishastishalakapurush’ and written by a Jain monk called Hemchandra Suriji,Krishna tells the 23rd Tirthankara Lord Arishtanemi: “I was not so tired from 360 battles as from this homage.”

Dr Harshad Sanghrajka,who has helped set up Jainpedia (an online collection of Jain scriptures),says that Lord Krishna in Jain mythology was a cousin of Arishtanemi.

“Krishna as a Vasudeva is considered to be one of the 63 special people (Shalaka Purusha) born in each half cycle,” he says.”Vasudevas are responsible for eliminating evil and commit a lot of violence in doing so.However their intent is good.

Krishna also encouraged his countrymen to join Arishtanemi in taking the vows of Jain asceticism,with a guarantee that he would take full responsibility for their families.By doing this he qualified to take birth as a tirthankara in the next group of 24.”

This article is sourced from Times of India

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